Monday, August 18, 2008

After reading ---BBC

  1. Music downloads
    ◎After reading: Nowadays, the technical is developed, and it is easier to everyone to download everything, such as music, articles, video, and movie etc. I think if people still download from internet but buy the genuine edition, and then the authors will not want to create anymore.

  2. Fashion guru Yves Saint Laurent dies ◎After reading: Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint Laurent was one of a greatest French fashion designer. As for his death, I also deeply feel the regret. I still think he is worthy to receive honor, due to his contributions.

  3. Concern over Assam rhinos ( ◎After reading: After reading this news, we must respect the life of rhinos, we can't kill it anymore. Don't make money from them if we want to see rhinos again.

  4. Bolivia proposes ban on the word 'coca' ( After reading: This news is about "coca", it's a plant which can make many products. However, many people plant it to make drugs, so the farmer takes steps to protect it in law. They can make more products from coca in the right way.

  5. Japan hit by earthquake (◎After reading: Earthquake is very dangerous, and this natural disaster is always happen in Asia, especially in Japan. Therefore, we must prevent this kind of disaster well before it comes, at least we can reduce the condition or effect of a disaster.

  6. Endangered gorillas in Congo ( ) ◎After reading: The gorillas are a kind of ferine animal. It will attack human in Congo, so the army fight with them. Although it made a big problem there, I still think that is violence. We can use another way to solve this question.

  7. Sudan teacher arrested over teddy bear ( ◎After reading: I feel this is a very interesting news- a teacher is arrested by police just because Teddy bear. It's very incredible. Although the teacher said he was concerned it could have serious consequences, he had already made a bad example to all of us. It’s too late to regrets.

  8. World's most premature baby ( ◎After reading: This news is about premature baby- this baby is very small, and he is just only two-hundred-and-eighty-three grams weight. People may think that this baby is hard to survive. With this affair, I hope people could pay attention to not only those children but underprivileged minority from the world.

  9. Bears 'facing extinction' ( ◎After reading: "Bear" is facing extinction last year, and many hunters killed them to make money. Because the coats made by animals are very valuable. This behavior is very bestial, so many Scientists started to consider this problem, or we can't see bear anymore.

  10. India gets first woman president since independence ( ◎After reading: This news is about India gets first woman president. Most people think that women do housework better than work outside. This news tells us no matter you are women or men, if you has ability, then you can be a president, rather than divide the men and women.

  11. Beverly Hills smoking ban ( ◎After reading: This is a news about makes a smoking ban in the Beverly Hills. We can't smoke there, or we will pay much fine. I think that is a good law not only makes our environment clearly but also make people have health body. It is good for us.

  12. Textbook changes in Japan ( ◎After reading: This news is about textbook changes in Japan. It changes the history about Second World War. They want to conceal the past and what they had done, so they change the textbook. The history can’t be change. This is dishonesty, so this is why I don’t like Japanese.

  13. Adlington storms to second gold ( ◎After reading: This year Olympic Games conduct in Beijing, this news is talking about swimming in OLYMPICS, and they have a perfect performance at the stage. They are not depending on the talents that come natural to them but the perspiration for this show. To be brief, there is saying “One minute of performance on stage, ten years of hard work of stage.”

  14. Ancient tree helps birds survive ( ◎After reading: This news is about discovering nature. The scientists have found an ancient species of tree that is helping Britain's birds survive the effects of climate change. We can use this method to extend the bird's survival rate, it's an important research.

  15. Nokia morphs itself from within ( ◎After reading: Nokia is the largest mobile phone maker in the world, and many people love this brand. Now they will invent a new technique to lead the communication into a new area. To be a successful company what to do is created and contrived constantly.

  16. Phelps wins historic eighth gold (        ◎After reading: Michael Phelps is one of the greatest sportsmen, and we can see his great accomplishment in the Olympic Games this year. He wins eight Olympic gold medals of the Beijing Games and refreshes many records, it's very incredible.

  17. Kung Fu Panda sequel in pipeline (              ◎After reading: "Kung Fu Panda" is a funny cartoon movie, it is now a popular star, and not only children but adult all love it. So the company decides to film shooting for sequel. I enjoy watching this movie because it's easy to understand the meaning of the story, and can watch it without using mind.

  18. Obesity 'equal to terror threat' ( ◎After reading: Obesity is a kind of diseases, when people don't control their diet, they become more and more fat. If people don’t care about that, it will affect our health. This news which tells us Obesity is a very horrible disease, so we must take care of our eating.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Españo (vocabulary)

1. el ano 肛門
2. los rinones 腎臟
3. laringe 喉
4. tronco 樹幹、軀幹
5. busto 胸像、上半身
6. la vejiga urinaria 泌尿系統
7. el pubis 耳心骨
8. la vagina 陰道
9. vejiga 膀胱
10. víscera 內臟
11. rl organo genital 生殖器
12. el pulgar 拇指
13. el índice 索引
14. sistema nervioso 神經系統
15. el dedo del corazón 心臟的...手指
16. el anular 廢除、無名指
17. el menique
18. vértebra 椎骨、頸椎
19. la tensión arterial 動脈緊張
20. la circulacion de la sangre 血液循環
21. bazo 脾臟
22. riñon 腎
23. hiel 膽(汁)
24. exhalar 散發出、說出
25. inhalar 吸入
26. testículo 睪丸
27. menstuación
28. presbicia 老眼花
29. orinar/ hacer agua 洩漏、尿失禁
30. tuerto 獨眼、產後痛
31. violeta 紫色
32. moreno 深色、黑色
33. añil 靛藍色
34. estridente/ chirriante 發出刺耳聲
35. hedor 惡臭
36. agrio 苦澀
37. salado 鹹
38. soso/ insípido 索然無味

39. el florero 花瓶
40. el biombo 屏風
41. la mampara 屏風
42. el perchero 
43. la percha 衣架
44. el tocador 頭飾、梳妝室
45. el espejo 鏡子
46. el espejo de tres hojas 三面鏡
47. rl cojín 坐墊
48. la cuna 嬰兒床、搖籃
49. la chimenea 煙囪
50. el radiador 散熱器
51. el cenicero 煙灰缸
52. el cubo, el balde 桶子、水桶
53. la cesta 籃子
54. el fósforo, ña cerilla 小蠟燭
55. el basurero 清潔工人、垃圾桶
56. el aspirador 吸塵器
57. la escoba 掃帚
58. la aljofifa 用布擦拭
59. en encerador 打蠟工人
60. el recogedor 畚箕
61. el plumero 雞毛禫子、筆筒
62. el trapo de plovo 破布、抹布
63. el trapo de fregar 擦東西的抹布
64. el cortacésped 割草機
65. trasladarse, mudar de casa 搬動、搬家
66. alquilar, arrendar 出租
67. edificar, construir 建築
68. planear 設計、安排
69. alisar 把...弄平
70. aserrar 鋸
71. perforar 鑽孔
72. podrido 腐爛的
73. asado 烤肉
74. cocido 煮
75. frito 油炸的
76. comer 吃(飯)
77. almorzar 吃午飯
78. merrendar 吃午後點心
79. poner la mesa 放桌子
80. servir 工作
81. amasar 按摩、揉麵糰
82. agitar 揮動
83. mezclar 混合、參與
84. cortar 切、割、剪、砍伐
85. picar 啄、叮、咬
86. condimentar, sazonar 成熟味道(食物)

An inconvenient truth

  After watching this film, we think people are environmental killer. People invent new technology for convenient life, but they also bring some crises. There is much pollution in our life. Our convenient life makes a lot of garbage. For example, the effluent from factories often contains chemicals which led to the pollution of water supplies and emitted the gases into the atmosphere. This could have a terrible effect on the ecology of the planet. Not only the beauty of Antarctic glaciers is diminishing, but ecosystems on the earth are also being threatened. We all know and understand that the earth is sick but how serious is this problem? We all live in this earth and are part of it. It is our responsibility to protect the environment. Therefore, we have to do urgent action to save our Earth from possible disaster. Everyone should do their best, starting from the base. We have some methods to solve problems, such as doing recycle, driving hybrid automobiles, bringing you own chopsticks when you eat outside, and planting more trees etc. We should protect the earth at anytime anywhere.
  In this file, Gore uses photographs, charts, and other illustrations to document the reality of global warming, and those references are easy for people to understand how the seriousness of the global warming is. Besides, he also makes cartoons and uses the two extremities of the balance to symbolize the crises. It is very interesting.

Quantity of stock with goods

  Today, I will introduce our brand" deep of shallow". It comes from Japan, and we import this brand since 1992. Our main sales object is female, and this is a young and lifeful brand, so many ladies love it.
  Ok, now, just let me show you the main products of our company the first, I will talk about "the Quantity of stock with goods".
  That's look at this picture, it's a pie chart, and we can see six products in it. It shows the stock of products, the main thing to notice is that clothes, pants, and skirts are the main products, and they account as much as70%. Because those three are our main goods, so the sales volumes are better than others. Especially clothes, it accounts for 30%.So we can see that most of people buy clothes first, and then pants or skirts.
  And another 30% is "shoes", “bags", and "accessories". "Shoes" and “bags" are almost the same percentages, 12% and 11%. Due to the type and the amount of products we have is limited, so it isn't sell pretty well.
  Why the accessories have only 7%? Besides it's not our main goods, for people, it's not as necessary as others. Even we give a special discount, people still prefer buy other goods, but not accessories. It's why it has only 7%. So, we sometimes give as a present.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New York City:An In-Depth Look at Manhattan Having Fun

  Why New York City is so famous in the world? New York City, also called Big Apple, is attracted many people to visit. In this borough of diverse neighborhoods offers many sights and attractions.

  New York City is one of great countries I have ever been. When I was in junior high school, there was the first time I went to New York City. Although there is not my first time go abroad, this was my first time traveling in America. My family and I joined the tourist group for a week. I was very expected, and just as my expected, it was a great journey. At that time, I told my father I hope I can travel here again. After I graduated from junior college, m family and I have traveled to NYC again, and this time, we stayed in NYC for one month. Everyday we went sightseeing, eating, and shopping, for this visiting way, one month really can make people understand a place very well.

  In fact, there are many famous places in this city, but it is hard to introduce all of those places. Therefore, I choose some places that you have to go when you travel in NYC. This paper discuss under this following subdivision: (1) spot visiting, (2) go shopping and eating, and (3) accommodations.

Spots Visiting

  In New York City, there are many scenic spots that dazzle us. How to choose the spot is very important. I had been to New York twice, and as for me, Time Square, Fifth Avenue, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Statue of Liberty, and Central Park are the spots I commend to you to visit, Central Park and Time Square especially. I would like to show you why I commend those scenic spots and how to go here.
Statue of Liberty

If you are the first come to New York City, you must to visit the Statue of Liberty, the most popular tourist attraction. The Statue of Liberty is to NYC what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, every tourist make pilgrimages to here (Doraemon n.p., translation mine).

  Located on a twelve acre island, the Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States and is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886, designated as a National Monument in 1924 and restored for her centennial on July 4, 1986 (“Liberty” n.p.). Visitors can now experience a special insider's view of the engineering marvel that is the Statue of Liberty. To better understand this monumental work of art, visitors can view inside the Statue through a glass ceiling, guided by a park ranger, an enhanced lighting and new video system (“Inside” n.p.).

  It has been said that tourist can try to walk three hundreds fifty-four steps, about twenty-two storeys, from the pedestal to the head's observation deck to see the panoramic views of NYC and the Harbor, and my parents and I were excited to try it. Unfortunately we missed the time to visit the inside when we arrived at the island, because we spent about one hour waiting for security check and boarding the ferry. Therefore, I must tell you if you want to visit inside, you have early to line up to take the boat in Battery Park in NYC and Liberty State Park in Jersey City. By the way, it will spend more than half day visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, part of Statue, if you do not have many time, you may roam around and view the Statue from Battery Park.

Central Park

  Another scenic spots, one of my favorite spots, is Central Park. It is a large public, urban park in the borough of Manhattan in NYC. With about twenty-five million visitors annually, Central Park is the most visited city park in the United States, and its appearance in many movies and television shows has made it among the most famous city parks in the world (Anon n.p.). It contains several natural-seeming lakes and ponds, extensive walking tracks, the Central Park Zoo, the Central Park Conservatory Garden, an outdoor amphitheater which hosts the Shakespeare in the Park summer festival, and more (Anon n.p.).

  In those places, I particularly love the Sheep Meadow and Bethesda Fountain. Many people love to have a picnic and sunbath, or do some things make themselves relax on the Sheep Meadow. When I first time sun-bathed with many strangers, I felt very self-conscious, but I still enjoyed in it. Bethesda Fountain is in the center of Central Park, and it is beside the lake. I felt leisurely and carefree when I rowed a boat in the lake, and saw the street entertainer in Bethesda Fountain's square.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  The first museum I visited in NYC is MMA, the biggest museum in USA. I had many different senses of sight when I saw those ancient trove and collections at the MMA.

  There are more than two hundred galleries, it includes American Decorative Arts and Modern Art, and these galleries are located in both first and second floor, but different sides. Two of my favorite galleries, Ancient Near Eastern Art, are located in second floor, in the fifth Avenue side, and Greek and Roman Art, located in the first floor, in the side of the corner of Eighth Street and Fifth Avenue. The Costume Institute which houses a collection of more than thirty thousands costumes and accessories across five continents and many centuries is my most favorite gallery, and it located in ground floor (“Works” n.p.). Besides these above galleries, the museum always has different Special Exhibitions.

  If you go to Central Park, you can not miss to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and one of its exits is in front of Central Park, it is very near by. In NYC, although there are many famous museums, I most commend the MMA. The reason why I most recommend is because, to me, they are the most interesting. If you love history, art, or museum piece, this is the place you must visit.

Times Square

  Times Square, which is called Crossroads of the World, is in the heart of Manhattan, in the center of One Times Square Building (Lan Xiao Yue n.p., translation mine). It is formed by the intersection of Broadway, Seventh Avenue, and Forty-Second Street, this famous square was named for the building there that belonged to the New York Times formerly. Times Square and the neighboring area form one of the most concentrated entertainment regions, and it features theaters, motion picture houses, shops, newsstands, bars, and restaurants (“Time” n.p.). Times Square, hosts nearly forty Broadway Shows, Off- Broadway shows, and many large-scaled movie theaters. Due to those stores and shows, Times Square attracts more than ten thousand people every day and is a prosperous entertainment and shopping center (Lan n.p.).

  In fact, Times Square is my favorite place in New York. I had seen an article about the short talk between the writer and her friend:
  A friend asked me “Moon, You stayed in New York for a long time, which place you often go?” I
answered without hesitation “of course is Times Square” (Lan n.p.).

  When I was in NY, I almost went to Times Square once a week because there are so many special and newfangled stores that I could not explore them all in one day. In addition, various useful information like maps, the subway road map, the route of sightseeing, monthly recreational activities, the weekend program, the museum synopsis, Broadway's introduction, and numerous different types of discount coupons are readily available. If it is your first time to go to New York and you do not know where to go, you can visit Times Square and take many materials, especially a New York City Guide, which comes out seasonally, includes an exhaustive city map, shopping and amusement coupons, and activities for the upcoming three months (Lan n.p.).

  In addition, Times Square might be most well known around the world for its annual New Year'
s celebration. New Year's Eve is one of the major festivals in the United States of America. With the coming of December thirty-first, there are many activities and parties held in Times Square. My uncle told me, on that day, the residents and visitors crowded into the street and it was very amazing and horrible at the same time. My uncle said “Even if it is very joyful, I do not want to go there on New Year's Eve again.” I have been to New York twice, both in the summer, but I have never stayed there in the winter, but if I have the chance and the time, I hope I could celebrate New Year’s Eve in Times Square and feel the happy ambiance my uncle speak of.

Fifth Avenue

  In the world, there are several streets you can simply mention and everyone knows where they are located. One of these streets is Fifth Avenue in NYC. Why Fifth Avenue so well-known? One of the reasons is it plays an important role in New York City's geography: it approximately divides the street system into the north and the south avenues, east and the west streets. There are all separate by Fifth Avenue. Next, since the nineteenth century, more and more millionaires have moved there; therefore, it is called “Millionaire's Row”. Fifth Avenue is also called Museum Mile. Many well-known museums, such as MMA, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, MoMA, are all located on this avenue. In addition to these museums, the Empire State Building, New York Public Library, Rockefeller Center, Saint Patrick's Cathedral, and more are all also situated along Fifth Avenue. (Inna n.p., translation mine)

  In addition to these three reasons, I think the most well known reason for Fifth Avenue’s popularity is that there are many famous brand name stores here. Each girl’s and woman’s eyes light up when they see these stores. I am no exception. If you are a female who loves shopping, then you must go to Fifth Avenue. Those brands name goods and stores will certainly dazzle you.

Go Shopping and Eating

  All of the cities in USA are just like a big market and a super shopping mall. From the latest fashion to last season, from famous brand name stores to outlets, from restaurants to vendors, this country has everything you want.


  Century twenty-one is a big shopping outlet which offers people who do not have much money for shopping. If you do not have many budgets, then Century twenty-one will be a good choice. It almost gives thirty to half percent discount whole year. You can buy many famous brand name goods by cheaper prices here, such as sixty US dollars for a Versace tie, two hundreds for Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, Calvin Klein, Coach and more cheaper but famous brand name goods. Although the goods in Century twenty-one are cheaper, you still have to check whether this is a defective product or not. Some of products are sold because of blemishes (Guo, translation mine).

Fair and Flea Market
  In addition to outlet store, another place for shopping you must go to is the flea market. The goods in flea markets are not less than on Fifth Avenue. Also, the collections that can be found in NY flea market have more variety and abundance than in Europe. NYC flea markets just like a small museum, and the collections include antique furniture, porcelain, silverware, troves, even leather clothing, and Persian carpets. In addition to museums, it is also a great way for people to kill their time on the weekend (Guo). In the USA, there are close to five thousand flea markets and more than several million vendors, and it also attracts more than a billion customers (Wen n.p., translation mine). The best-known flea market in the USA is Annex Antique Fair & Flea Market, on Sixth Avenue from Twenty-Forth to Twenty-Seventh Streets; it is opened on Saturdays and Sundays, from sunrise to sunset. Basically, it is free, but there is one area that charges one US dollar for an admission fee (Karen n.p.).

  There are many flea markets in NY, and I only go to the Annex Antique Fair & Flea Market. Decorations, jewelry, clothing, silver, and works of art are sold here. My parents bought a wall clock and the unique bottles for decorating. If you are interested in finding some treasures and second-hand goods, flea markets are the good place for you to take a look.


  Besides spots and shopping, the attraction of delicious food interests many people. Numerous restaurants and vendors are everywhere in NYC. Hot dogs, pretzels, hamburgers, and gyros are sold everywhere; there are the famous foods of NYC, just like fried chicken in Taiwan.

  If you are tired of eating Western-style food and fast food, Chinese food is a good choices. For Chinese food, I recommend Ollie's Chinese Restaurant. In fact, the reasons why I recommend it are because the owner of this restaurant is my father's friend and it is cheap and delicious. Each combo costs around seven US dollars. We always had meals here when we missed Chinese food. As for me, I preferred the scallion pancake and beef noodles; however, the recommended specialties of Ollie's are roast duck, General Tso's chicken, and dumplings.
Hong Kong yam cha is also another good choice, and I recommend Jing Fong, the biggest restaurant in Flushing. It serves awesome dim sum, including barbecu bun, turnip cake, marinated chicken claw, and my favorite- rice noodle roll with shrimp (Ping n.p.).


  In NYC, it is a big problem for visitors to find cheap hotels. Although I did not need to worry about where to stay while I was here, I still asked my friends who had been backpackers about their accommodations.


  Most of them all recommend staying in a hostel, especially YMCA. The important advantages of living in hostel are it is cheap and easy to find. So it is a first choice for backpackers. Harlem YMCA, Vanderbilt Chinatown YMCA, and West Side YMCA are all located in Manhattan. It costs about thirty to forty-five US dollars for a single bed, and around sixty US dollars for a double room (“Guest Rooms” n.p.).

  New York International HI-AYH Hostel is anther hostel backpacker recommend. They have around six hundred beds, and the beds start at twenty-nine USD (My friend's diary).


  Inns are another good place for backpackers or people who do not have much money. The two inns my friends lived before are both cheap. One is the Wanderers Inn which is one of the best rated inns in New York City, and the cheapest bed is less than thirty US dollars per person (“The Rate” n.p.). The other one is the Manhattan Inn, and the cheapest eight bed dorm cost near forty for each person. In the Manhattan Inn, all rooms have cable television, air conditioning, telephone, VCR, and private bathroom, and their front desk is open twenty-four hours a day (“Rooms and Rates” n.p.).


  Nowadays, there are many people relaxed themselves by traveling abroad. No matter people travel with tourist group or travel alone, if you go to NYC, you can not miss those places I recommend. In this city, beside those spot, street entertainers and festivals are also fascinating features, and this is a city that you will enjoy the pleasures of retrospection. If you would like to have a trip in NYC, you can research more information on internet or magazines. I hope people can enjoy this Big Apple as I do.



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Monday, January 14, 2008

Amerucan culture movies

1。 What does the movies teach us about Amerucan culture? Make sure how it teaches us these things. 
2。 Would you recommend this movies to others? Explain why or why not.      
 ◎ Big Fish   
  I choose Big Fish this movie to introduce about American culture. I think what this movie teaches us is "American dream”. The actor is a famous man in his little village, but he doesn't content with his life. He decides to leave his country and go to the big city for learning more and coming true his dream. Finally, he succeeded although he has some trouble in the process. After seeing this movie, all that I admire is the actor's wisdom and boldness. To have a dream and insist to do it well is very important. The important thing to be a success is to insist your dream and never give up.
  I recommend this movie to others because it makes me feel touched. No matter the love between parents and children or the lover's love, both of them let us realize that loves are great, especially the love between actor and his son. Maybe, the life is not always perfect, but telling "the story" can make up these disappointment. Perhaps the life has very many difficulties or the pain, but "the imagination" can optimistically let the person be enterprising. We can see many strange things and incredible action in this movie. We can learn more and have some notices. I feel it is a good movie, and you can enjoy it with your family.
 ◎ Forrest Gump 

  I choose Forrest Gump this movie to talk about the culture of America. The actor in this movie is a half-wit. He makes the dream of his life time come true successfully by doing his best, and he is not afraid of the evil eye which others give him. This movie shows a good spirit for people to chase after their dream no matter they are deficient or not, and it means that the nobody still can achieve his dream. In addition to this spirit, this movie also describes the life and the war in America between 50th years and 70th years. Also, I know the different system of military service in America and Taiwan.

  I recommend this movie very much because it is one of the movies I have ever seen. The main reason is the actor gives a colorful role in this movie, and his character has a simple heart but always make great progress. Although he is a half-wit, we still can recognize him many excellences. After I see this movie, I think no matter the role is the moron, the athlete, the soldier, a fisherman, even a husband or a father, we should have a clear view of him. This movie is worth seeing.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Business Communication

  • Conversation 5A 5B
    Gloria(5B): Hello, San Diego DMV office, how may I help you?
    Ben(5A): Hello. My name is Rob Kailer. Could I speak to Andrea Koss?
    Gloria: Who’s calling, please?
    Ben: Rob Kailer from KAD Productions.
    Gloria: Could you spell your name, please?
    Ben: R..O..B. Rob. And Kailer. K..A..I..L..E..R.
    Gloria: Rob Kailer from …
    Ben: KAD Productions.
    Gloria: Ok. Mr. Kailer from KAD Productions. I’m sorry, Mr. Kailer. Ms. Koss is not available to the phone. She has a meeting right now. Can I take a message?
    Ben: Ok. Please tell her that I called – and I’d like to talk about the conference’s program.
    Gloria: Sure, shall I ask her to call you back?
    Ben: Yes, please. My mobile number is 070-832-1772.
    Gloria: 070-832-1772.
    Ben: Correct.
    Gloria: I’ll get the message to her and she’ll call back later.
    Ben: Thank you for your help. Goodbye.
    Gloria: Bye-bye.


  • Conversation 6A 6B
    Wanda: Good morning, Hamsun Company.
    Lanky: Good morning, this is Peter Chang, calling from Malasia. I would like to make an arrangement with Ms. Wanda today. Is she available in the afternoon??
    Wanda: I’m sorry she is not here. She is out of town.
    Lanky: When will she back?
    Wanda: Er, he will come back tomorrow. Would you like to leave a message?
    Lanky: Yes, please ask him to call me.
    Wanda: I’m sorry. Can you repeat your name, please?
    Lanky: Yes, it’s Peter Chang. P-E-T-E-R C-H-A-N-G.
    Wanda: And your phone, please.
    Lanky: 0999-000123.
    Wanda: Let me check again. Mr. Peter Chang and your phone number is 0999-100123.
    Lanky: Yes.
    Wanda: Ok, I will talk to Ms. Wanda to call you tomorrow morning.
    Lanky: Thank you, Goodbye.
    Wanda: Goodbye.

  • Conversation 9A 9B
    Lanky (receptionist): Good morning, Salco Service, may I help you?
    Wanda: Hello, my name is Wanda from Comcosol in England. Could I speak to your Production Manager- Mr. Lanky?
    Lanky (receptionist): Oh, yes, I’ll put you through right away. Hold on, please.
    Wanda: Thanks.
    Lanky: Hello, Lanky speaking.
    Wanda: This is Wanda, the Quality Control Manager for Comcosol.
    Lanky: Oh, Wanda, how have you been, recently?
    Wanda: Nothing to complain. How about you?
    Lanky: Great. May I ask you what it’s about?
    Wanda: Certainly. I’d like an appointment to discuss some design modification with you.
    Lanky: I see. When will be good for you?
    Wanda: How about October 17th?
    Lanky: Er…I’m sorry, October 17th is not possible. I have another meeting. How about October 20th?
    Wanda: October 20th? Oh, yes, that would be okay. Shall we say ten a.m.?
    Lanky: Sure, that’s a good time for us. Er…can I ask you to confirm by email? And would you like us to reserve a room or a hotel?
    Wanda: I’ll email- and thak you but no, the reservation isn’t necessary.
    Lanky: Okay, thank you very much for calling. We look forward to your email to confirm the meeting. Goodbye, Wanda.
    Wanda: Goodbye.

  • Conversation 10A 10B
    Wanda: Hello, Wanda speaking.
    Lanky: Hello, it’s Lanky. Listen, I’m sorry Wanda. We’re supposed to meet at 10a.m.            on October 20th about the design modification. Um….I’m sorry I’ve to go to Japan on urgent business to discuss a legal problem. Can we meet some other day, October 24th, perhaps?
    Wanda: Just a minute. I’ll look at my calendar…yes, well…October 24th, Monday…Er, but I’ve got a meeting at 9:30…hmm...can we meet over lunch about one o’clock?
    Lanky: Sure, that would be great.
    Wanda: Okay, I’ll go to your office at one o’clock.
    Lanky: Thank you and I’m really sorry to trouble you.
    Wanda: Not at all. It sound that you’re very busy recently, aren’t you?
    Lanky: Yes, because our company has some operation problem recently. It almost drives me crazy.
    Wanda: Wow, that’s bad to hear about this. Please take care of yourself and be relaxing, ok?
    Lanky: Okay, I’ll. Thanks for your concernment and I’ll look forward to this meeting.
    Wanda: Me, too. See you on October 24th. Goodbye, Lanky.
    Lanky: Goodbye.

  • Conversation
    A. Hello, my name is Wanda Huang, from Caldos, a multinational company in Brazil. I’ve got an appointment to see Travis.
    B. Welcome to Taiwan. My name is Travis. Nice to meet you.
    A. Nice to meet you, too.
    B. How was your trip?
    A. It’s great.
    B. Is this your first visit here?
    A. No, in fact the first time I came was for a business trip at 2005.
    B. Are you familiar with Taiwan?
    A. Not really, but I’ve done same research on the Internet before I came, so it should be ok.
    B. If you need any help just give me a call.
    A. I’m sure I will. (That's very polite of you! Thank you.)
    B. If you need to use a phone or fax, please let me know.
    A. Oh, I’d like to make a phone call, please.
    B. Sure. There is the phone.
    A. Thanks.

    (A few minutes later)
    A. What time is it?
    B. It’s 3:30pm.
    A. Unfortunately, yesterday I discovered that I need to leave at 4 p.m. as I have a plane to catch to Paris at 5:30. Could you get me a taxi to the airport?
    B. Sure. But I’ve to tell you that there are train strikes in my country.
    A. Will this affect reaching the airport?
    B. Yes. And this strike is affecting the air travel. So, the flights are likely to be delay.
    A. Well, that’s too bad. Has any method to solve it?
    B. Maybe we can go to meet one of my colleagues, Bert Trautman. I’d like to introduce you to him. He may help you solve this problem.

How to attract the man in pub

  Do you even think where a good place to meet many men in the same time is? The pub may be a good place to make new friends if you try to make new male friends but do not know where you can meet, and also there is more than one choice. Because of this reason, nowadays, many girls love to have fun and make new male friends in pub. If you do not know how to attract men, you can follow those steps below.

  To be an enchanting girl, your appearance is the first important part before you go to the pub. Most girls will put on make-up before going to pub, and they always put on pancake make-up that is more suitable than the light make-up when you have fun in pub. Because the light make-up makes your facial feature undistinguished under the dim light. For this reason, I suggest that you could learn how to elaborate make up yourself. For example, you can emphasize your eyes with mascara, eye shadow, and eyeliner;emphasize you lip with lip gloss or long-lasting lipstick, etc. After doing this, you have made a big step in being a charming girl. Then, you have to dress up yourself. You should choose the clothing fit well on you to accentuate your attractive figure, such as mini skirt or pants, camisole, etc, and some girl even wear t-shirt bra or bustier. Also, some wear perfume to seduce the man. However, the most important point is that whatever your clothing is, you must bring out your individual charm and confidence with an explosion, and to be a sexy girl.

  Next, to find a guy you want to talk to in pub, and do not be afraid. If you see a guy who has the style you like, you could be aggressive and give him a bewitching smile. For example, when my friends and I went to pub few months ago, there were a group of guys came in to the pub. I had an eye on one of them so I went to accost him, chat and have a drink with him on my own initiative. After we drank and chatted, we got along with well; as a result, the guy invited me to dance. This was first time for me to have courage to talk a stranger in pub, and I did not feel afraid but exciting. Nothing could be afraid. My friends told me if you give the guy a chance, he will come to accost you.

  Furthermore, you could have more close action by chatting or dancing. The music is always loudly in pub, due to this, you could lean over and whisper something in his ear. Or, when you danced with him, you could put your hand on his shoulder, and then shook your body to him. When this situation happed, you must show your personality, such as being natural and open mind; men were usually attracted to this kind of girl. For instance, once, my friend danced beside a man whose style she like very much. She swung her arms as she danced bewitchingly, and put her hand on a guy’s shoulder, and then she shook her bottom. Surely, the guy was very enjoying in dancing with her. When they were indulgence in dance and music, they kissed suddenly. Dance is a good method to seduce a man.

  For my friends’ and my experiences, to attract men are not a difficult thing. I think girls should dress up yourself and take the initiative in making acquaintances, then you have more chances to show your charm. As to me, a girl's warm personality is her greatest charm. Because sometimes men are too shiny, and they are afraid they were rejected by girls so they rather stay a side to appreciate girl than hit on her. Therefore, I think if girls could be more active that would be a good and quick way to know male friends. Nevertheless, do not land you in trouble.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Choose a particular time that you would like to visit America, then choose place, and why?

      * Florida

  If I have a chance to go to America, I will choose to visit Florida in summer because I have never been in a city this vast. In this city, there are two attractive spots to me to visit, Miami Beach and The home of Disney World, which are worth my while going there, especially Miami Beach. I love beach very much, if I go to Miami, I will spend all the day on the beach. There are lots of activities I can do, such as playing beach volleyball, surfing, sun-bathing and so on. In there, the workroom of Miami Ink's also is a place which I surely will go. After looked Miami Ink, the Discovery Traveling& Living channel program, I want to make a tattoo by those master workers.

  Besides of Miami, The home of Disney World is another spot in Florida I have to go. It is the biggest Disney World in the world, including two fabulous water parks, Disney Quest Indoor Interactive Theme Park, Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex, Pleasure Island, etc. That is impossible for me to play all the equipments in one day because it is too big to visit it. Above these two is why I choose Florida. If I go to Florida in the future, I won’t just stay one week, I may spend more than two weeks in there. How a wonderful place is.
     * Baltimore

  If I would like to visit America, I will choose Baltimore. Baltimore not only is recently selected as one of the top 10 summer destinations in the world, but also is truly a city on the move and is in the midst of a cultural renewal featuring new attractions, restaurants and hotels. It is an excellent destination for summer and fall. Because my friend told me that if I have not been there before, I will find there are so many things that you cannot explore them all in one day. The Inner Harbor is only one of the city's many treasures, a scenic and popular waterfront area with lot of retail stores, restaurants and the Baltimore Convention Center. Located on the Inner Harbor's western shore, it is the perfect way to start tour.

  After one of my friends told me that, I extremely anticipated visiting the scenery in this city, especially the harbor. I had looked up the information about this city; the streets in Baltimore are very straight and clean. It's different from Taiwan. In addition, I want to visit the museum very much, which displays all kinds of locomotive engine is the most attract me. The museum includes the latest and the most ancient locomotive engine. It’s very rare and commendable. We also can discover many cultures of US in there. The latest technology and the most ancient culture all in Baltimore, so I think it must be a very interesting thing to go there.

Amusing Commercial Make People Laugh

  Have you ever downloaded commercials on You Tube in your leisure time? Why? Why there are many people in the world love watching funny commercial? Because funny commercial is not only always easier to remember than other commercials, but also make everyone laugh. Whenever you turn on TV or surf the Internet, you can see many amusing everywhere.

  Few months ago, I saw a funny advertisement about an alcoholic drink Ice Fire (冰火), and it was about a couple who conceal some secrets from each other. One day, they decided to be honest. The woman talks to the man “in fact, the mole, such as Marilyn Monroe’s, you like is a fake mole.” She takes away her mole from her face, and then says, “And you love the woman with the big bust, aren’t you?” ” My big bust is also fake.” After she puts away her fake bust, she looks at the man, and feels depressed says “are you still fall in love with me?” Then the man takes away the wig from his head, and says “like this kind of hair, would you still love me?” Actually, his hair is beginning to recede from his forehead. Because of its fake properties, every tine when I see it, I cannot help laughing.

  Moreover, the sport beverage Bao-Jian (寶健) is also a amusing advertisement. It starts at a basketball court. When a group of young people are playing "basketball," an old person with a white vest barges his way through the teens, then he catches "the ball," squats down, and says “Hey, guys. This is a watermelon, not a ball.” I think maybe it should be express a feeling of born to play. Also, I can not believe the old person would think of the basketball as a watermelon, it is funny and loony for me.

  Besides these above two examples, an advertisement for the instant noodles “Wei Li” (維力手打麵) is another laughable example. This commercial happened in a small village. One day, the office report: “Zhang Jun Ya little younger girl, the instant noodles is boiling in your home, and your grandmother gives you one minute to go back home. If the noodles become soft, she is not responsible for it. Talking about the soft noodles, the office gives all of you a suggestion- according to the old woman who lives in No.2, lane 18, you can choose the brand of noodle “wei li” (維力手打麵). No matter what you do when you are eating, drying your wet clothes or hitting your husband, after that, the noodles are still QQQ (firm texture). Now, it sells on the supermarket in alley entrance. It is very cheap, especially family size.” When the office broadcast it, the little younger girl, Zhang Jun Ya, keeps running quickly and never stops. On seeing of this ad, I laughed my head off, and sometimes I will pretend that I am the girl and running. Because of this advertisement, the name of the little girl becomes famous.

  Although there are dozens of commercials in the world- misleading, irritating, useless, and fascinating and so on, I prefer watching funny commercial. In my opinion, commercials need to entertain audience because when people feel bored or down, they feel like watching it in order to relax more. I think this category of commercial made a good impression on people.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

 The Refraction of An Inconvenient Truth

After watching this film, we think people are environmental killer. Because of time change, it brings development-making people live better and wealthy. People invent new technology to make their life more convenient. But they also make some crises in environment. There is much pollution in our life. People’s convenient life makes a lot of garbage. For example, the effluent from factories often contains chemicals which can lead to the pollution of water supplies. The high standard of living, which the people of many countries now enjoy, has resulted in huge increase in waste material. This could have a terrible effect on the ecology of the planet. We have to do urgent action to save our Earth from possible disaster. We have some methods to solve problems, such as doing recycle, driving hybrid automobiles, bringing you own chopsticks when you eat outside, and planting more trees etc. If we do these things well, we can reduce some pollution. Then our offspring can continue living on Earth.

● vocabularies:
1. effluent  流出物
The effluent from the textile factory was found to contain dangerous chemicals and yet it was being discharged into river.
2. ecology 生態
The professor is seeking to establish changes in the ecology of the area since it became industrialized.
3. hybrid automobiles 油電車
Hybrid automobiles have been increasingly in the news as state and federal governments struggle to find ways to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and to lessen exhaust pollutants into the atmosphere.
4. offspring 子孫
His offspring are diligent and intelligent.

My Mood Chang My Music

  It said that music could disperse people’s attentions and cure their mood. We listen to different kinds of music depending on our emotion, and also have different reasons. I know many friends who love music very much. Some of them listen to music to abate their rage or depression, and some relax their mind when they are listening. On the contrary, some listens just for its melody or the words of the song. As for me, my mood will change the music I want to listen to.

  When I am sad, I prefer soft music that not only sounds very pleasing to the ear, but also make me try to calm my mood slowly. Those could be soothing healing, comforting, uplifting. For example, few weeks ago, I disputed with my father. Then, I went back to my room and played soft music. After a while, I felt better than before. Therefore, I believed it could calm my feeling down. Moreover, when I have bad moods, I do not want to hear any noisy music, like rock & roll and mix because those categories of music made me irritable. Also, my temper will worse and worse at the same time. Once, I quarreled with my boyfriend. When I went back to my dorm, my roommate who was listening rock & roll; at that moment, I wanted to fight with someone.

  I listen to R&B, Rap, jazz, and Hip-hop when I am happy, excited, crazy, or relaxing. To give an example, before I went to pub with my friends, we played the hip-hop, rap, and electronic music because we felt cheerful and excited, and we wanted to do something crazy. If I was at home and wanted to relax myself, no matter I surfed the net or read, I listened to R&B. Also, this is the music type which I frequently listen.

  I listen to classical or piano when I need to focus on some things. Like, I had an important exam, and I had to study hard, I played my favorite piano record, titled In the Enchanted Garden. I was sure that could help me to focus on studying, and as often as it is used; it proves accurate.

  The different music will take different feelings to people. Because the melodies will change the brain wave, also change our emotions. However, the melody may suits me, but not necessarily can suit you. We should find the music which belong to us, then put ourselves into it, and relax the mood. I hope each people can seek different music types that suit them.